Phuket report (October 2019)
Thailand - Phuket
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Before the 2019-2020 season, the Phuket Fishing Pro team did a great job finding new fishing spots near Phuket. While the low season was on, we constantly went to sea to find new promising places for our guests.
Not only new routes for trolling were found, but also new reliefs for jig fishing, for bottom fishing and casting as well.
FCP is constantly looking for new places, we are not going to stop there! Our task is to make your fishing in Phuket truly unforgettable. What would you remember him and again returned to us, for the next portion of adrenaline.
See you onboard!

Important information: In high season, you must book boats in advance, 5-10 days before the appointed date. For all questions, please contact: or +79250703551
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